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In September 2022, protests have broken out across Iran after the death of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian who died in morality police custody.

Mahsa was arrested by Guidance Patrol forces for wearing her hijab improperly. She was beaten by baton and forced to get to the morality police vans and moved to the Moral Security Agency. Her brother was told that they take women to Moral Security Agency to undergo a “briefing class” about hijab and then she will be released, but she never made it! She collapsed to the ground while participating in the class in Moral Security Agency and was moved to Kasra Hospital. She went to coma and died after three days. Hospital claimed internal brain bleeding and brain-dead, but the claim immediately was removed by Islamic regime. Islamic regime made up a false scenario about Mahsa’s death like the have done such a thing for all their crimes and murders!

The day after Mahsa’s death, Iranian people protested all around the country and globally which led to “Women, Life, Freedom” revolution!

Iranian people have been hostages of Islamic Republic for 44 years! 

The list below is just a brief summary of Islamic Republic regime cruelty and crimes:

Islamic republic prisons, tortures and execute anyone who does not believe in their beliefs. 

They arrest, beat, sentence for years in prison and murder women for not obeying compulsory hijab!

Many young men and women and students are political prisoners and being tortured for just criticizing the regime cruelty and embezzlement!!

Islamic republic has been stealing the oil, gas and natural resources of Iran for years and has spent it for boosting terrorist groups in Middle East such as Hamas, Hezbollah, helping Bashar Assad, and…

Islamic Republic exploded flight 752 and murdered 176 people (Iranian/Canadians) in 2020 and called it a human error!

Islamic Republic killed more than 1500 people in November 2019 just because they were protesting against corrupted economy due to all the embezzlement by government

Islamic Republic murdered Nika Shakarami, a 17-year-old girl after she protested in street in recent women movements in Iran! They smashed her face by baton, tortured her, killed her, and hid her body for 9 days! Even after 9 days, they stole her dead body from her family in her funeral day and buried her themselves in quiet!


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